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Here’s an alternate view of the upcoming events calendar that may be useful in planning your archery season (or useful as a club organizer choosing which weekends are available for events).  Events Timeline


The ITAA Archery Year

Each year, the ITAA holds these events, and you’ll find schedule information for them below, and the site has descriptions from previous years, if this year’s event description has not been posted, yet:

While the JOAD tournaments are for youth only, the all-ages events also welcome JOAD archers.  The indoor all-ages indoor event has a slight difference of only using the 40cm targets, instead of the 60cm targets that some JOAD age groups use indoors.

Additionally, many clubs and other organizations hold their own events, many of which area annual favorites.  (Such as the Northern Regional FITA Field Championship held at CBH each spring, or the Midwest Open in Peoria in the fall).  Some of them are huge national and international championships (like The Vegas Shoot and USAA & NFAA nationals)



What Do You Carry?

We’re starting a new series of articles, showing which supplies, equipment, and tools are being brought to tournaments.  First up is Dennis Timpanaro, with a side order of Gabe Querol.



How many days are left until the big tournament?  A countdown counter has been added over on the lower-right counting down the days until a selection of big upcoming tournaments.  Make sure to plan and train accordingly!


Registration for the 2017 ITAA Collegiate Indoor State Championship on April 22nd is now open!  This event is open to all archers in college, a year before college, and a year after college. 


We had some great showings this weekend at the NFAA Indoor Nationals by local archers, including a few podium positions!  NFAA Indoor Nationals Results


ITAA Athlete Spotlight

Every couple months, we shine the spotlight on a fellow ITAA member.  Whether they have performed well in a competition, supported the organization, or are just really, really good looking, this is a member you should get to know!

Check out the new spotlight  on — Olivia Artz!

Past Spotlights can be found here.


The 2017 Winter Membership Meeting took place on March 7th.  Minutes and a summary of the meeting’s outcomes are being published here as they are written.


A group of enterprising Illinois Archers are coordinating their traveling tournaments on Facebook as Team Illinois Archery.  If you are interested in joining that group , connect with Jennifer Langley or Maria Mascarenas on the FB.

Of immediate interest, there is a set of Team Illinois shirts being made up for NFAA Nationals.  If you’re interested, get in touch with the Team Illinois fashion coordinators before March 6th.


The North Region FITA Field Championships at CBH in Bolingbrook is coming up on May 6th & 7th. ( 2596 days ago.)  This Field Archery event is always very popular.  More information about Field Archery is available at the link.   Results are now posted!


Shooting well at big tournaments? More information about World Archery Target Award pins is available here.


The ITAA constitution is being re-written.  Feel free to send your own comments and suggestions.



Planning your winter shoot schedule?  Nancy Zorn and Randy Rutledge have compiled summaries and experiences at several area annual events that may normally escape your notice, like the Midwest Open, the Wisconsin Tri-Star, and the Iowa Pro-Am.  Make sure to read up on those before finalizing your winter.

Nancy’s and Randy’s Reviews


Not sure if what you’re wearing will pass the USAA dress code?  Take a look at these Dress Code Notes




State Record High Scores

Now with a new data explorer to make it easy to check out the scoring records!

The listings of the ITAA State Records has been moved over here.


Meeting Minutes

Minutes from our twice-annual meetings are available here.


Getting Started in Target Archery

Looking to get started in archery, take a read through our guide before doing anything else!



We are also building a list of target archery locations in Illinois.  We will start by listing the locations that host ITAA events.  Make sure to send us information about your club, shop, or range.  info@illinoistargetarchery.org


What to Expect at an ITAA Tournament

It’s always good to prepare ahead of time for any competition. Whether you’re approaching for your first tournament ever, your first one in awhile, or your first ITAA tournament, here’s some helpful information about what to expect when you get there.
ITAA Tournament Primer


Upcoming Events


May, 2024

  • May 4&5, 2024
    • North Region FITA Field Championships 
    • Field Archery - Archery while walking through the woods!
    • Info and Registration
    • CBH
    • Bolingbrook
  • May 10-12, 2024
  • May 12, 2024
    • Pin Shoot (72 arrows - 2 pin score sessions)
      • 9:00am - Recurve/Barebow only 
      • 12:30 pm - All bows
    • Wheaton Rifle Club
    • Wheaton

June, 2024

  • June 2, 2024
  • June 7-9, 2024
  • June 16, 2024
    • Pin Shoot (72 arrows - 2 pin score sessions)
      • 9:00am - Recurve/Barebow only 
      • 12:30 pm - All bows
    • Wheaton Rifle Club
    • Wheaton
  • June 23rd, 2024
    • 900 Metric Round
      • 90 total arrows, 30 at each of three distances 9:00 – Scoring
      • 30/25/20M – Recurve Bowmen; Compound Bowmen; Barebow Bowmen/Cub
      • 40/30/20M – Recurve Cub/Cadet; Compound Cub; Barebow Cadet/Junior
      • 60/50/40M – Recurve Junior/Senior/Master; Compound Cadet/Junior/Senior/Master; Barebow Senior/Master
    • Wheaton Rifle Club
    • Wheaton
  • June 30, 2024
    • Pin Shoot (72 arrows - 2 pin score sessions)
      • 9:00am - Recurve/Barebow only 
      • 12:30 pm - All bows
    • Wheaton Rifle Club
    • Wheaton

July, 2024

August, 2024

September, 2024

October, 2024

  • October 6, 2024
    • Pin Shoot (72 arrows - 2 pin score sessions)
      • 9:00am - Recurve/Barebow only 
      • 12:30 pm - All bows
    • Wheaton Rifle Club
    • Wheaton

The Chicago Park District Archery Association (Lincoln Park Archery Club and Chicago Archery Club) will hold shoots approximately every two weeks throughout the summer.  Their websites are listed below with information

The North Side Archery Club hosts weekday evening leagues throughout the summer.  See their web site for more information.

If your club or organization is hosting a tournament, let us know and we will be glad to list it here and promote it.


The ITAA is also on Facebook and Instagram