2017 ITAA Winter Membership Meeting

Mar 8th, 2017

Here are links to the documents discussed in the meeting:

Agenda for this meeting: ITAA 2017 Winter Board Meeting

Minutes/Agenda from 2016 Summer meeting: 2016 summer meeting agenda

Treasurer’s Interim Report: 2017 interim treasurers report

ITAA Roadmap:  ITAA Winter 2017 Roadmap

Venue Map for Medinah Park: Venue – Medinah


The minutes for this meeting are currently being compiled, and will be published here soon.


Significant outcomes:

  • The ITAA Winter 2017 Roadmap was rolled out, detailing Project EPIC — Expanding Participation through Increased Capacity.  This is a plan to develop the needed resources for clubs (and the joint ITAA community) to host larger events by using general-purpose facilities when needed.  The three main challenges are (and we would appreciate any and all help in solving them):
    • Storage and transport of 20-30 122cm indoor/outdoor target bales.
    • Developing relationships with indoor and outdoor venues, exhibitors, sponsors, donors, and community groups in the area to support our events.
    • Expanding our own volunteer base of people willing to help in new ways, and to learn new skills to help with tournament organization in the future — organizing committees, judges, coaches, graphic designers, marketing, contract review, etc.
  • Once we have good solutions for these, this should help our groups host events that are larger than their everyday facilities can support.  Bridging this gap will be a significant amount of work, but with that in place it becomes easier for clubs to bring their own creativity and enthusiasm to host events that can include the whole ITAA community without getting pinched by space.
  • The June 24 and/or 25 “Summer Elimination Games” (tentative name) is sited at the Strictly Archery / Joliet Park district location again.  Individual and 3-person team head-to-head elimination rounds.  Planned so that everyone gets several rounds of head-to-head.  Final format will be communicated early.
  • The July 10th ITAA Outdoor JOAD State Championship is greenlit for Town Hall in Belleville.  Format TBD.
  • The August 12-13 ITAA Outdoor State Championship is sited to a new location: Medinah Park, in Medinah, hosted jointly by the ITAA community.  This is the first targeted event for Project EPIC.  The format for the State Outdoor will be voted on by the community in an upcoming newsletter poll.
  • The 2018 Indoor Tournaments are penciled in for early February, with some understanding that flexibility will be required there, depending on the venue.  The goal for this event is to use a venue large enough to fit the whole ITAA into 1-2 sessions total.  Discussions were raised about rolling the JOAD indoor and state indoor into a single event, (for instance with the 25m on Friday, 18m on Saturday, and JOAD 18m on Sunday).  But that was TBD, as well.