Pre-Tournament Speech

Begin speech 15 minutes before first whistle

Welcome to the 2017 Illinois Target Archery Association <Event> State Championship. I’m <Name>. <Name> will be serving as a judge today. I would like to thank <host club> for hosting the tournament this weekend.

You will be shooting an indoor 600 FITA Round with 20 ends of 3 arrows each at 18M.  <or other format>

Equipment inspection must be completed before the first scoring end.

Order of Shooting:
We will start promptly at 7/8/12:30/5 o’clock. You will get two ends of two minute practice where the A/B (top) line will shoot first each time, then the C/D (bottom) line. You can shoot more than three arrows in practice, but you cannot shoot before or after your two minutes. Once we begin scoring, we will alternate which line shoots first. A/B will shoot the odd numbered ends first, and C/D will shoot the even numbered ends first. We do not switch target locations half way. The clock screen will show which line shoots first each time. You will get two whistles to step to the line. At 2:00, you will get one whistle to commence shooting. Three whistles is the all clear to go and score your arrows.

We will be using a double scoring system, in groups of four. There will be one paper scorecard, and one tablet. The tablet usage will be explained at the first scoring end. Please check the math carefully after each end for accuracy. Arrow holes should be marked in the event of bounce outs or pass-through. All compound shooters use the inner X-ring for your 10 regardless of your age. All other shooters use the entire 10-ring. If you are shooting a three-spot target, you must shoot an arrow in each spot. If you shoot more than three arrows, you will lose the value of your highest scored arrow. If you shoot before or after the two minutes, you will lose your highest scored arrow. Do not touch the arrows or target faces until the arrow values have been recorded. You will be asked to change your target face if the lines become obscured and the values cannot be called.

Equipment Failure:
If you have an equipment failure, raise your hand to get the judges attention and then step off the line. You will have time to make up any missed arrows due to equipment failure. Have extra arrows in your quiver.  A defective arrow -is- an equipment failure, but it is much wiser to just have spares on-hand.

Please stay behind the waiting line until it is your time to shoot, keeping noise to a minimum during the shooting times. A dropped arrow can be left on the ground, or you can pick it up if you can do so safely. It is considered a shot arrow if it fully crosses the three meter line. If the person next to you is in full draw, please do not step off the line until they have shot their arrow or let down.  Take special care not to bump your neighbor with your bow, arrows, or self.

There will be a 10 minute break after the 10th end. If you want food from the kitchen at that time, please order it early so it is ready at break. Restrooms are located <restroom location>.

Awards will be presented to the top three places in each category. Out-of-state competitors are eligible for awards. <describe any additional awards>. Similar awards will be presented to tomorrow’s 25M participants as well as Combined Round shooters.

Today’s 18M is a sanctioned “Star FITA” event. Tomorrow’s 25M is also a sanctioned “Star FITA”. The two events are also sanctioned as a Combined Round. As such, scores shot at these events are eligible for national and world records, and eligible for earning World Archery Target Award pins.

National Anthem:
Please rise and remove caps for the National Anthem.


I hope you enjoy today’s tournament and shoot ‘em straight.