2017 ITAA Summer Elimination Games

Are you ready for some summertime head-to-head competition?

Building on last year’s Summer Games Celebration, this year’s early-summer tournament is all head-to-head, all the time.  This event is a great way to experience the individual and team elimination round formats.


Results are now here:

2017 ITAA Summer Elimination Games Results


Be sure to look at the full huge set of photos from Ed Cilley!



Start Time: 9:00am

Saturday, June 24th, 2017

Hosted by Mission JOAD / Strictly Archery at the Joliet Park District on Mission Blvd.

Cost is $35.00 for the whole event, family maximums apply.

USA Archery membership is required for this event.  Temporary memberships are available.

USA Archery Rules will apply — Dress code, 23/64 max arrow size, 60lb

Registration is open below.

Proposed set of Round Robin Matches 


Every tournament should have a purpose.  This tournament’s main goal is to provide exposure to a challenging format under true (friendly) tournament pressure.  Team Competition is a rare time in archery when you rely on others, and others rely on you.  Pressure doesn’t come higher than that.

This also serves as a warm-up for the part of Nationals that is harder to practice for.



Individual Competition

The Individual Competition will use a round-robin head-to-head format to rank archers.  The registered archers in each category (gender/age/equipment) will be put into groups, and each member will shoot against each other member in the group.  This will give everyone several head-to-head matches regardless of outcome.

Then according to their round-robin results, every archer will be seeded into a single-elimination bracket for their category.  The top 3 finishers in this bracket will receive individual awards.


Team Competition

After a break, we will begin the team competition.  Teams will be 2-3 person teams with no gender restrictions.

Teams will need to pre-register with members’ names and a team name.

Tony can help match up folks ahead of the tournament looking for a team.

Teams can be mixed gender, age, and (to some extent) equipment.  A team will be placed in the most competitive category required for any of its members.  (i.e. the age closest to ‘senior’ and the most general equipment category [traditional -> barebow -> recurve -> compound]).  If a bowman barebow archer wants to be on a team with a junior compound shooter, that’s fine.  But their team will be in the junior compound category (at their distance, and their target face).

Teams will be seeded into brackets according to their members’ results in the individual competition.  The top teams in each bracket will receive team competition awards.

The team competition will not be sorted as distinctly as the individual competition.  We will attempt to choose the bracket pools as best we can to be both fair and enjoyable.  But the best option may include combining age groups together.

Depending on the numbers and time in the day, I’d like to make this a double-elimination bracket.  If we cannot do that, I’d like to make space available for consolation matches between teams who have already been eliminated.


Overall, we’re trying to arrange the event so that everyone gets at least 3 individual matches and at least 2 team matches.



The rules will follow the USA Archery rules for elimination rounds.

An individual head-to-head match, consists of the best of five sets of three arrows for recurve and five ends of three arrows for compound.

Teams will be required to follow the USA Archery rules for team elimination round competition.  Teams will wait behind a 1 meter waiting line, and only proceed one at a time to shoot after the clock has begun.

Teams are given 2 minutes to shoot 6 arrows.  Recurve team matches are the best of four sets of 6 arrows and compound consists of best of 4 ends of 6 arrows of cumulative score. (13.4.5)

So in addition to the head-to-head pressure, the team competition also includes the skill of rapidly moving to the shooting line and executing your shots.

Here are videos of these formats being used at the Archery World Cup in 2016.

Recurve Individual Gold final

Recurve Team Gold Final

Compound Individual Gold Final

Compound Team Gold Final

While our venue won’t be a fancy as that, the scoring fomats will be the same.  Recurves will use the Set System, and compounds will use the cumulative scoring — the same arrangement that is used at USAA Outdoor Nationals.

I do not expect that we will use alternate-shot shooting for the final matches.


Book 3, Chapter 12 of the World Archery Rules has more information.

The Set System and Compound Cumulative Scoring:

The best explanation of the Set System and the Cumulative Scoring System for elimination matches is over on the World Archery rule book site.


The individual elimination brackets matches will be first-to-5 set point matches.  The Team Elimination matches will be first-to-4 set point matches.


Awards will be given for the top three finishers in the individual competition in each category, and for the top three finishing teams in the team competition.

Out of state archers are eligible for awards.  There will be no distinction between in-state and out-of-state archers for this event.


Strictly Archery has partnered with the Joliet Park District to use the fields at 640 Mission Blvd., Joliet, IL.  (The Inwood Sports Complex, not the jail ) This is just off of I-80 near Joliet Junior College and there are numerous food options nearby.

Weather Forecast

USA Archery Age Categories (2017):

If you were born in 2005 or more recently, you are a Bowman
If you were born in 2003 or 2004, you are a Cub
If you were born in 2000, 2001 or 2002, you are a Cadet
If you were born in 1997, 1998, or 1999, you are a Junior
If you were born between 1968 and 1996, you are a Senior
If you were born between 1958 and 1967, you are a Master 50+
If you were born between 1948 and 1957, you are a Master 60+
If you were born between 1938 and 1947, you are a Master 70+

For this event, there is no masters distinction beyond 50+

Nationals Distances:

  • 70 meters, 122cm
    • Senior Recurve
    • Junior Recurve
  • 60 meters, 122cm
    • Master Recurve
    • Cadet Recurve
  • 50 meters, 122cm
    • Senior Barebow
    • Master Barebow
    • Junior Barebow
    • Cadet Barebow
    • Cub Recurve
  • 30 meters, 122cm
    • Bowman Recurve
    • Cub Barebow
    • Bowman Barebow
  • 50 meters, 80cm – 6 ring
    • Master Compound
    • Senior Compound
    • Junior Compound
    • Cadet Compound
  • 30 meters, 80cm 6 ring
    • Cub Compound
  • 25 meters, 80cm 6 ring
    • Bowman Compound


If your distance or team doesn’t auto-magically show up, don’t worry.  I’ll be manually correcting entries where my code isn’t getting it right.  Once you’re registered, that’s enough info.  If it turns out I need more, I will email you.  -Tony

Also, if you decide on teammates and a team name, drop me an email (info@illinoistargetarchery.org).  I will add that info the listings.   

I have now assigned teams for anyone who was still unassigned, and I minimized the number of people who needed to switch categories to make that happen.  Please let me know asap if there are any problems with the teams as they stand.  I expect we may need to adjust on the day if there are no-shows.


Individual Folks already registered:

Folks already registered:


Teams already registered:

Teams already registered:


Competition Pool Sizes

Competition Pool Sizes