ITAA Winter Tournament Review

The 2018 ITAA JOAD Indoor State Championship and the 2018 ITAA Indoor State Championship tournaments are completed.

JOAD Indoor:

State Indoor


This is the first winter that we’ve held all of our tournaments in new venues.  It’s a much more complicated process, and I give great thanks to the teams of volunteers who have worked to get all of the moving parts into place on schedule (and then get them back home again).

LOST AND FOUND: Tony ended up with an extra set of binoculars from Saturday.  If you’re missing a set, send him (me) an email.

World Archery recognizes compound and recurve scores shot on a 40 cm target for their special target awards.  If you shot a score over 500 points, you can receive a special award pin for that.  There are different award colors for different score thresholds.  Unlike JOAD/AAP pins, these do not have to be shot in order.  These are available for both 18m and 25m 600 Rounds in any World Archery sanctioned tournament.  (And 720 Rounds, 900 Rounds, and even Field Rounds, if the tournaments are World Archery sanctioned.)  So you can also submit your scores from your nationals results.

World Archery Performance Awards