JOAD Field Round – June 17th 2018


JUNE 18th, 2017



The Chicago Bow Hunters Archery Club is pleased to host another JOAD Field Round event.  This is a shorter, JOAD-only Field Archery event.



6/17/2018 JOAD Half Field Tournament Summary

The tournament was held on a beautiful Father’s Day, Sunday. We had a small turnout of 18 shooters, probably due to the Father’s Day date. The small numbers did not detract from an excellent experience the shooters had. There were several really close scores in some of the divisions, which made for some exciting shooting. More importantly, these young archers continue to be exposed to field archery. It’s such a different experience from standing on the shooting line in a target event. You get to know your shooting partners over the course of the day. You’ll test your archery by varying your shooting positions, body angles and footing. It really helps to make you a better archer.

A big thanks to the volunteers who helped to make the event a fun day for our shooters. Jim McDonough helped to set up and take down the course, as well as spray for mosquitoes. Master smoker, Dave Schaefer, turned out the tastiest pulled pork you’ll taste this side of the Mason Dixon Line. Our kitchen crew, Gwen Sanborn, Amy McDonough, Ali McDonough, Kim Schaefer and Kathleen Badon, are a well oiled machine that executed a tasty lunch flawlessly. Master of Ceremonies Ali McDonough, presented awards. At the end of the event, all of these ladies and our JOAD kids cleaned the clubhouse and left it cleaner than they found it.

6-17-2018 JOAD Half Field Results



9:00 AM Shotgun Start


The Chicago Bow Hunters Archery Club is pleased to host the Second Annual JOAD Field Tournament.  This tournament will be for all bow styles, age, and gender divisions that comply with USA Archery JOAD categories.  This event will be using NFAA-style field archery rules, though, which includes distances marked in yards, not meters.


Tournament Series:

This will be the first of a two tournament series. The second tournament will be on September 8th. It will be conducted on the second half of the CBH field course. There will be aggregate awards to those shooting in both events.


The tournament will take place on 14 targets of CBH’s permanent NFAA Field Range.  Four arrows at each target, for a total of 56 arrows.  Distances will be marked, and in yards.  The range of distances:

  • Compound (Cadet and Junior): 20FT-50YD
  • Recurve and Barebow (Junior): 20FT-50YD
  • All younger age divisions and bow styles:  20FT-30YD


20FT-15YD.  A novice can be any age or bow style.  Just consult with your coach if you are a new shooter to find out if this is your appropriate category.

With your coach’s recommendation, you can also shoot “up” in age category.  If you are Bowman or Cub, and the maximum shot of 50 yards is well within your skill set, you can register and compete with other Cadets or Juniors.


Medals will be awarded for the first three placements in each division.  The award presentation will be at approximately 11:30 AM.  The second leg of the series will be on September 8th.  Aggregate awards will be presented then for the combined champions.

Pre-registration and Tournament Fee:

Pre-registration is required (fill out the form at the bottom of this page.).  The tournament fee is $15.  There is a maximum capacity of 56 shooters.


We will have a shotgun start at 9:00 AM. Pre tournament meeting will begin at 8:30 AM. Please arrive 60 minutes prior to our scheduled start to set up and warm up, receive instructions and get to your assigned positions on the field course.

The estimated amount of time to complete the course is two and a half hours from the time you get started.


The kitchen at Chicago Bow Hunters will be in full swing. An all-you-can-eat lunch buffet will be available for $5.


Chicago Bow Hunters is located in a residential neighborhood.  It is at 320 Charlestown Drive, Bolingbrook, IL 60440.  From Boughton Rd, Exit off of I-355, head west four stop lights.  Turn right on Pinecrest and go to one stop sign.  Turn left on Charlestown and go a few blocks.  From the street you will see a gated driveway on the right.

Additional Information:

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