JOAD Field Round

What is Field Archery?

Field Archery is a competition where archers walk along a course of several targets of different sizes set up at various distances.  Archers shoot a handful of arrows at one target before walking to the next.  Some targets are uphill, downhill, or shot with unstable footing beneath the archer.  Some types of field archery will not tell you the distance to the target — it is up to the archer to estimate it for herself or himself. Here is a video describing Field Archery from the 2016 World Field Archery Championship

What is the JOAD Field Round?

The JOAD Field Round is a modified tournament that acts as a stepping stone to introduce and develop Field Archery skills for our youth shooters.  The round is fewer arrows and shorter distances than a typical round of Field Archery.  This is also a shorter time commitment, and there is far more guidance provided compared to a normal field competition.

Field Archery, with its different challenges and skill requirements, is a great way for archers to learn about themselves and their techniques, even if their primary archery interests lay elsewhere.

NFAA Field vs World Archery Field (FITA Field)

Both the NFAA and World Archery have their own rule set for field archery.  They are very similar, and the necessary skills are nearly identical.  Only World Archery has any targets where the distance is unmarked, and requires estimation.  The target rings are worth a different amount of points for each organization.  NFAA events use distances in yards.  World Archery events use distances in meters.  While a 10 yard vs 10 meter sight setting may be very similar, yards vs meters makes a huge difference at longer distances.