2017 Wisconsin Tri-Star Tour

The Tri-Star Tour is a series of three tournaments throughout January in central southern Wisconsin.  Each tournament in the series is a different format, and each venue adds its own flavor to the series.

The 2017 Tri-Star Tour will take place in Stoughton, Janesville, and Beloit.

The Jan 14-15th, 2017 event at Stoughton will be an NFAA 360 round (24 ends of three arrows)

The Jan 21-22nd, 2017 event at Janesville will be a Vegas 450 round (15 ends of three arrows)

The Jan 28-29th, 2017 event at Beloit will be a Vegas 660 Round (22 ends of three arrows)

Details and registration information are here for 2017


Nancy and Randy’s Review:

Wisconsin Tri-Star Tour

The Tri-Star Tour – three great tournaments – 3 consecutive weekends! Information for all 3 shoots can be found on the Beloit Archers website. No advance registration, simply show up and shoot. All three are walk on, single line with score keepers.

Round 1January 14&15, Stoughton Sportsman Club, 918 Collins Rd, Stoughton, Wi. This is a NFAA 360 round 60 arrows blue face, 6 for the X .The range is great, lots of room for the shooters, great lighting with a small glass window for the spectators who generally don’t venture into the range.  As at most of the Wisconsin ranges they have a bar which is a great place to sit, enjoy a great steak sandwich, a soft drink or adult beverage and talk over the days’ shooting. All three of these tournaments are run the same way – single line with scorekeepers.  All you do is shoot, walk down and pull your arrows which makes it go fast – be ready for the speed – no rest between ends. 

Round 2  January 21 & 22, Janesville Bowman, 5119 N Fox Rd , Janesville ,Wi. Great range, lots of room for shooters with glass windows for spectators to watch the action. The kitchen has hotdogs and chips – ok – but no steak sandwich!  This is a 495 round – 45 arrows on the three spot or single spot Vegas targets scoring 11 to 1 on the single spot and 11 to 6 on the 3 spot. Same as Stoughton – score keepers with a single line. Just like  Beloit and Stoughton the club members always make you feel welcome and glad you came.

Round 3 – Beloit Field Archers, 9243 Cleophas Road, Beloit, Wi.  The third round is one I like, not shot any were else except on our range. 60 arrows on a 5 spot Vegas face or Vegas single spot .The scoring is 11 to 7 on the 5 spot and 11 to 1 on the single . With a total of 660 points on the table, if you’ve fallen behind after the first two rounds this can be a make up round but that 11 ring can be elusive. Like the other ranges, Beloit is a great range though little cramped behind the shooting line so no moving around after you have shot your 5 arrows,  just hang your bow and wait for the all clear whistle to pull arrows.  Windows look in on the range for the spectators.  The food is usually something homemade and good.  These 3 shoots get a great turnout – 9am on Saturday or Sunday are the prime times and you may have to wait . Registration is 8 to 3 both days at all three shoots. These are 3 great shoots! Wisconsin has always had great shooters even back in the seventies.  I love to take their  money and the bragging rights for the year.  Worth the travel time. I give them 9, Nancy with a 9 also .