Northern Archery Association Championship Series

The Northern Archery Association Championship Series is a collection of three annual tournaments — one Indoor, one Outdoor, and one Field event.

The outdoor event is usually the Duel in the Cornfield.  In addition to being the Northern Region outdoor championship, it is also a state-vs-state competition, where virtual “teams” for each state are formed from the highest scorers.  The scores from the top 2 Compounds and top 2 Recurves from each state become that state’s team for the “Duel”.

The indoor event is new for 2017.  Is is the Northern Region Indoor Championship, with details at this link.  Jan 21-22, 2017 in Troy Michigan.

The field event is the Northern Region FITA Field Championship held at Chicago Bow Hunters in Bolingbrook, and is described further at the link.


The Northern Region group is officially named the Northern Archery Association, Inc, and their web site is here.

What is the Northern Archery Association?

The Northern Archery Association is a collection of organizers working to provide world class World Archery Field and Target Archery Tournaments with reasonable pricing and locations within a day’s drive from the Northern Archery competitor concentrations. Although the NAA adheres to the rules of World Archery and USA Archery, it is no way connected politically or financially to either. It is an entity entirely on its own, and derives funding solely by the proceeds from Northern Region Tournaments.

It was founded in 1970 in Indiana, and was formerly named the Northern Region Archery Association, and also formerly the Midwestern Archery Association.  (This is why you’ll see references to the “Northern Region” from time to time.  It’s this group.)

The Northern Region States include; North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana.


What is the Northern Region Championship Series?

The “Northern Region Championship Series” is the name I’ve just invented to describe the three-part aggregate multi-format combined annual championship that is being planned for 2017 by the Northern Archery Association.  If and when I hear their official name for it, I’ll have to change this.

The tentative plan is to challenge archers to compete in all three major archery formats, with winners being those who rank highly in all of the disciplines.

Officially, this is now the Northern Region Shooter of the Year competition.  Details are found over here on their newsletter archive.  The basics are, if you score the best in your category of Senior|Master 50+ Recurve|Compound in all three events in the series, you win Shooter of the Year, and fancy prizes.