PSE Midwest Open

The Midwest Open is an annual shoot started in 1996.

It has grown into a cash prize competition combining an NFAA-style 300 round and an Vegas-style (4-color) 330 round.

Registration for this event uses the NFAA category naming system of letter codes.  They will appear daunting if you’ve never seem them before, but there is plenty of help available from other archers (and archer parents) to help.

No association memberships are required for this shoot.

Registration for the 2016 Midwest Open is here


Nancy and Randy’s Review:

(Written in 2016)

December 9-11             PSE Midwest Open

This tournament is shot in Bloomington,Illinois about a two hour drive from Chicago down I-55 . NFAA rules . A 360 round (60 arrows at the blue face scoring a 6 for the X ring) the second day a 330 round (30 arrow at the FITA face scoring the little ten as 11 for ALL shooters) . The venue has good lighting, adequate back stops-the same as Vegas and the NFAA indoor nationals. The competition can be tough in some classes and enough to get your nerves up in the other classes. Entry fee is moderate, cash and trophy classes,  lots of room for spectators, lots of parking and space to set up your bow with a pay for practice range.  Small food concession at range however it’s away from the shooting line too far to get food if you’re by yourself. Small trade show, plenty of hotels and places to eat. We have not found a restaurant to recommend, but the golf driving range has ok food . Registration is on Archery Events. Nancy gives this tournament a 7 and I will give it a 8.  Will be there.