2019 ITAA JOAD Outdoor State Championship



Saturday, August 10th, 2018

720 ROUND + Top 8 Shoot Down

Results are here:

2019 ITAA Outdoor JOAD State Championship Results

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Unreceived awards are being tallied and will be delivered soon.

  • Derek Zhang
  • Maxwell McCann
  • Zach Delamater




The Illinois Target Archery Association will hold its JOAD Outdoor State Championship on August 10th.  The tournament will be held on the grounds of the DuPage County Fairgrounds in Wheaton, Illinois.

It will be a 720 Round, with a bonus Shoot Down Elimination Round for the Top 8 finishers.  Please take note of the shooting times below.  The USA Archery dress code for tournaments will be enforced.  Equipment inspection will take place ahead of time.  USA Archery age/gender/bow style categories will be in place for awards.  Membership in USA Archery is required, since all archers must be JOAD club members.  All portions of this event are open to archers from outside of Illinois.

This event is for JOAD archers.  Archers must belong to a JOAD club.  All other archers should participate in Sunday’s ITAA State Outdoor Championships.

Registration is at the bottom

Event plan and schedule are subject to change.


720 Round Format:

The 720 Round format is 72 arrows at a standard 4-color World Archery target.  As with all outdoor World Archery tournaments, compounds use the big ten ring.

Halftime Tug-of-War

Halfway through the 720 Round, we’ll take a usual break.  Unusually, we’ll hold a fun tug-of-war game during this break.  So assemble a team, and let us know that you’re ready.  It’s free, it’s fun.  There’s a round for youth archers, and a round for Parents+Coaches.  

Click here to sign up your team here on this Tug-of-War page


Shoot Down Format:

Every archer is eligible for the Shoot Down Round.  The Top 8 finishers in the following 5 combined categories qualify for the afternoon Shoot Down round.  (If there is a tie for the 8th spot, a one-arrow shootoff will be used to break the tie.)

  • Barebow
  • Female Compound
  • Male Compound
  • Female Recurve
  • Male Recurve

For this JOAD event, all archers will continue shooting the distance they qualified at.

As usual, Compounds will use 5-end cumulative scoring, Barebows and Recurves will use Set Scoring.

The Top 8 Shoot Down will be run as close as we can to an Archery World Cup format — special venue, extra judges, play-by-play announcing.

Each qualifier should organize an agent and runner.  Agents assist at the target during scoring, and runners (aptly named) pull and swiftly return the arrows to the archer.  (Archers should have 6 good arrows, as the returning process will not get their first 3 back to them in time for the immediately-following end.)



Para VI stands for Visually-Impaired, and is only available to archers who shoot in the visually-impaired format.

A Novice category is available at 30M; archers will need to register using a bow type as Recurve (Guest), Compound (Guest), or Barebow (Guest).  This category is for archers who want to experience a tournament, but the regular distances for their age class is a future goal.


For Shooters unfamiliar with the USA Archery style of target tournaments, here is a primer on What to Expect at one of our tournaments.


  • Standard equipment inspection must be completed before you can shoot.  Plan to arrive at least 1 hour before your start time for equipment inspection, sign-in, etc.
  • Arrow size must be 23/64 inches or smaller in diameter.
  • Compound bows have a draw weight limit of 60lbs.
  • The USA Archery dress code will be enforced.
  • Other standard USA Archery tournament rules will apply.


  • 7:30 – Check-in and Equipment Inspection
  • 8:00 – 8:45 – Open Practice
  • 9:00    720 Round to crown the JOAD State Champions
  • 30-45 mins – Lunch Break / Set Up Elimination Round
  • ~1:00pm – 5:00pm – Top 8 Elimination Round to crown Shoot Down Champions


Awards will be presented to the top three places in each USA Archery category.  Out-of-state archers will be eligible for awards.  The ITAA maintains its tradition of awarding state champion awards while also recognizing excellent performances by out-of-state competitors.

Out-of-state competitors are awarded medals for finishing in the top three places among all competition in their class and division.  Additionally, Illinois competitors are awarded medals for the top three places among Illinois competitors in their class and division, duplicating medals where necessary.

There are additional awards for the Top 8 Shoot Down.

Todo: verify: All awards will be presented after the Top 8 Shoot Down.  So stick around and watch, cheer, or step in as your teammate’s agent or arrow runner.


Pre-registration is required, and can be done by using the link below.

Early registration discounted fee of $40 is good until July 21; regular registration fee of $50 starts from July 22 until registration closes around 10pm on August 3.  Payments will be online at time of registration – cancellations prior to August 3, will receive a full refund less 20%; after August 3, there will be no refunds.


DuPage County Fairgrounds (Follow the link for details, directions, hotels, area attractions, and more)


Additional Notes:

As with all outdoor youth tournaments, we always appreciate help hunting for missed arrows.  Anyone sporting enough to bring additional metal detectors or sharp eyeballs will probably be called into action at some point during the day.

Because the distances will be long, binoculars and spotting scopes will help spectators see the target results better.

Time Estimates:

Archery is a slow competition.  Although it can feel like time is racing by for the competitor, it is harder for the audience to feel engaged.  It is difficult to accurately predict how long events will take.  (My general rule is to allow one minute per arrow shot, and then double or triple it depending on the ages of the shooters and the distances shot).  Delays are usually caused by a combination of lost arrows and enjoyable chatter among participants between competition ends.

Please schedule that much time in your plans for the competition weekend.

The JOAD State Outdoor Championship is open only to archers who belong to JOAD clubs.

USA Archery Age Categories (for 2019):

If you were born in 2007 or more recently, you are a Bowman
If you were born in 2005 or 2006, you are a Cub
If you were born in 2002, 2003 or 2004, you are a Cadet
If you were born in 1999, 2000, or 2001, you are a Junior


Early registration discounted fee of $40 is good until July 21; regular registration fee of $50 starts from July 22 until registration closes around 10pm on August 3.  Payments will be online at time of registration – cancellations prior to August 3, will receive a full refund less 20%; after August 3, there will be no refunds.


Registration sign-up is over on Rcherz.com, or below 

This is the link to Rcherz.com registration.