2017 United Bowman Round

 The United Bowmen of Philadelphia


Founded 1828

The Oldest Archery Club in the United States

RESCHEDULED for July 1st

Results are posted:

Final Results ITAA 2017 United Bowmen Round

The Illinois Target Archery Association will be hosting its 6th Annual United Bowmen Round on Sunday June 3rd, 2017.  This international “postal” tournament will be held at the Belmont Harbor location, hosted by the North Side Archery Club in Chicago.  There will be a continuous line from 8:00am to 3:00pm.  Shoot a score any time in that period.  No national organization memberships are required for this event.  Previous records and results are over here.

The United Bowmen Round historically is one of the oldest archery tournament formats on record.  It consists of a total of 84 arrows, all shot at a distance of 80 yards.  Using the 122 cm FITA target face, it will use 9/7/5/3/1 for scoring rings.

This format was created by the United Bowmen of Philadelphia.  This event is part of a combined mail-in competition with a number of clubs and organizations, coordinated by the United Bowmen of Philadelphia.  This larger event stretches across the U.S. and into the U.K. as well.

The United Bowmen have graciously given us permission to make commemorative pins for participants in this event.

The ITAA will compile results for compound, recurve, and traditional longbow/barebow.  The top four scores in each shooting category will be submitted to represent the ITAA in this international year-long event.

On a local level, individual top scores will be recorded for recurve, compound, and traditional longbow/barebow categories, and travelling trophies will be awarded.  Travelling trophies will also be awarded to the “high allowance” or most improved score from the previous year in each category.

Also, local clubs can assume bragging rights by putting together a 3 member team for a particular shooting category and also claim a travelling trophy.

The day promises to be a lot of fun.  Many of the participants in the past have donned the traditional “whites” to capture the spirit of this historical round.  Some archers increase the challenge by using their traditional bows just for this event.  80 yards with a sight is a challenge.  80 yards with a longbow is a real talent!

There are cheaper parking meters at the nearby tennis courts.  There is parking at Belmont Harbor, but the paid lot is more expensive than the meters.

To participate, please pre-register below.   There is a $15 shooting fee.


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