ITAA Athlete Spotlight – Kate Iodice

Welcome to the ITAA Athlete Spotlight!


Every couple months, we will shine the spotlight on a fellow ITAA member.  Whether they have performed well in a competition, supported the organization, or are just really, really good looking, this is a member you should get to know!


Today, we’re turning the spotlight on Kate Iodice.  Kate is a T.A.Z. JOAD member and has a knack for finding the middle of the target.  Let’s learn more about Kate and her awesome archery accomplishments below!



Kate Iodice

Kate1 Kate3

1) What’s your favorite style of archery to shoot?

Target with a growing interest in 3D

2) How did you get started in the sport?  Why did you pick the JOAD program?

My dad just asked one day in early 2014, “Hey, Kate ~ want to go try Archery?” After seeing the movies Brave and Hunger Games, I thought, “Sure ~ looks fun!” I got my bow for my birthday and joined T.A.Z. JOAD  in March

3) What archery accomplishment are you most proud of?

Shooting my first 60 at the Outdoor State Championship  and I won first place in my division and set a new tournament record (666/690) at The Midwest Open in December, down in Bloomington.

4) What’s your most embarrassing archery moment?

Well, I am very clumsy; so I will ALWAYS trip over the clipboards with the score sheets.

5) Any advice for your fellow archers?

Shoot straight and believe in what you do, you can’t let anyone tell you different.