Holiday 495

Official 2017 Holiday 495 Flyer

Nancy and Randy’s Review

(written in 2016)

December 17 or 18, 2017        Holiday 495

This tournament is shot  at the Issac Walton League 20400 Darren Rd. South Bend In. About 10 min off of  I 80 and about 90 min east of the Illinois/Indiana state line . This is a one 495 round shot on Saturday or Sunday with line times each day. The round is a 495 round with 45 arrows shot at the 3 spot or single spot FITA target scoring the little 10 as an 11 for all shooters . The range could be a little dark for some but with the target well lit.  I like the lighting and have shot some good scores . This tournament is run by Joe Kapp who pays close attention to details. In the past,  he has had door prizes for all shooters . Plenty of parking, the entry fee is average and backstops are good. This tournament does draw regional shooters that know how to shoot their bow & arrow sets and this is a good one to win . Register early it will fill up . The only drawback is the range has no space behind the shooting line for spectators. Spectators are restricted to the room adjacent to the shooting lanes with no view of archers or shooting lanes and limited space and seating.  Also limited snacks are available, soft drinks and water are provided. Nancy gives this shoot a 8,  8 for me also . Registration at