2016 Event Scheduling Meeting

On Sept 25th, the Archery Club Planning Co-Op attended a gathering of club representatives to coordinate the schedule for events that are upcoming this winter.  Some clubs had representatives attend, and others had emailed lists of their intended event dates.

The goal was to gauge how busy each weekend is throughout the winter, so that various clubs could decide when to place their events.  We have event listings from several of our usual ITAA clubs, as well as some local NFAA clubs and special events (such as the Wisconsin Tri-Star).

The result is that the list of Upcoming Events right now is over 80 events long and stretches over 12 months.  Even with that time frame there is plenty of overlap (80 events on 52 weekends…).

Our goal is for the Co-Op to sponsor a meeting in late February to coordinate the summer.  The plan is for clubs to arrive with their list of events, and each attending club will receive one “protected” date when other participating clubs are expected to re-schedule tournaments.

We will make announcements about that meeting in the newsletters leading up to that date.