2019 USAT – The US National Archery Teams

Each year, USA Archery combines the results of the big national tournaments and the big international tournaments to determine the top-ranked archers.  These top-ranked handful in each category win the honor of being the US Archery Team (USAT) for the year.

In some age categories, this team represents the USA in certain international tournaments.  In other categories, it is an honorary title.  Either way, it represents a major accomplishment, and identifies a USAT team member as a top archer across the country.

USA Archery has announced its 2019 US Archery Team.  Wile the team includes Olympic medalists and World Champs like Kris Schaff, Mackenzie Brown, and Brady Ellison, the Cadet Barebow team includes two young ladies from Chicago Bow Hunters – Olivia Artz and Elizabeth Litwin!


is returnig as a national team member, and this is Elizabeth’s first year holding this recognition.  I’m proud of our clubs building up excellence in all areas of archery, and I’m sure the team at CBH is proud of their club’s achievements in barebow archery!