2019 USA Archery Dress Code update

NOTE: Update USAA further updated the dess code in December, 2021


In mid-October of 2018, USA Archery updated the dress code that is enforced at all USAA-sanctioned tournaments.  In the past, this has had some areas of confusion which could be a source of stress for a new archer.  The policy has been relaxed in some areas and clarified in other areas.

The full 2019 dress code is available here: USA Archery 2019 Dress Code Policy Final.  Updates to this and other policies can be found on the USAA web site on the USAA Forms and Policies page.

For folks who are familiar with the previous USAA Dress Code, there are four changes:

  1. Shorts and skirts must now be at least mid-thigh in length. (Previously they must have been fingertip length, which is harder to measure.)
  2. All shirts/tops must now have sleeves.  (Previously girls’/ladies’ tops could have straps, but there was confusion about strap width.)
  3. Tights / yoga pants are now allowed as long as they are opaque above the knee.
    1. Still no camouflage tights, though…
  4. Blue denim is allowed at all USAA events. (Previously other colors of denim were fine, but not blue.)
    2. Among the many areas of concern here, Britney still needs sleeves… 


As before, the primary guiding principle for the USA Archery dress code is to present a professional, athletic appearance while on the competition field.  The competition field is everywhere in front of the Spectator Line at a tournament.

While we can be a bit silly here, remember to aim for this guiding principle.  Clothing with rips, tears, unnecessary holes, stains, soiling, or text/imagery that USAA deems offensive or suggestive is is not allowed.

Coaches can, naturally, require a stricter dress code for their own athletes as part of their own club rules.

World Archery, however, has not changed its dress code.  For those participating in World Cup, World Championship, or Olympic events, you will need to adhere to the World Archery dress code.