2017 JOAD Indoor – Pairs Head-to-Head Tournament – Kishwaukee

kishwaukee logoOn Saturday, January 14th, at 6:00pm in the evening after the State JOAD Indoor, Kishwaukee archers is running a JOAD pairs double-elimination head-to-head tournament.  If you’re in the area for the state shoot, come out Saturday night to challenge yourself against the wider range of JOAD archers!

  • This will be an 18 meter, set-system elimination tournament.
  • Compounds will be separated from all other equipment divisions, who will compete together.  All ages will compete together.
  • Sign up as a pair with a fun Team Name.  Team members must be JOAD club members however membership to the SAME club is not required.
  • Scoring will use standard USA Archery scoring, all on 40cm size targets.
  • Both team members much shoot the same style of target face, but they can choose any of the Tri 3-spot ,Vertical 3-spot or Single-spot.
  • Each team member will have 2 minutes to shoot 3 arrows.
  • All divisions will shoot Set System matches to 5 points. (1 point for a end tie.  2 points for a win. Tied at 5 will call for sudden death with each team member shooting 1 arrow total score until the tie is broken by arrow score.)
  • Winners will continue on, losing teams will be moved to the second bracket.  Losses in the second bracket will eliminate teams from the tournament.
  • Trophies will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in both brackets.
  • $25 per team registration
  • Registration:  Send email to Randy Rutledge at zonearrow@gmail.com with team name, shooter names, and Compound or Recurve/Barebow/Basic Bow/Traditional.

On Saturday morning, a NCAA-style bracket draw will be held to randomly seed the first bracket.  There is no initial seeding round.