Steal Back the Fun (WRC, April 21st, 2012)

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The Pasadena Roving Archers in California suffered a devastating loss of equipment and supplies as the result of a March 24th night break-in of their storage facility. Losses are estimated at around $3,500 and are not covered by insurance.


The club has been offering a Public Instruction Program since 1972, which annually gives around 1,500 people their first archery experience.  On an average Saturday morning, more than 100 new and returning archers participate in this program.


To help the PRA restore its remarkable public instruction program, (which is how our webmaster got his start in archery) the ITAA is holding a “Steal Back the Fun” fundraising shoot.  This for-fun shoot will be a good opportunity to get out of the house and test your outdoor setup.  We will have a scored shooting round, novelty targets, and a raffle of classic archery equipment and other valuable prizes.  No membership is required.


This is the type of line the PRA usually has waiting for its archery classes

This is a time-lapse video of the PRA’s primary practice range – it shows about half of a single Saturday’s first-time-shooter class



Results are in!


Schedule:  April 21st, 2012


Drop-in starting times:  9am – 3pm, shoot until you’re done.


We’re inventing a special competition for the day:


Choose your own distance 720 Round

(90m, 70m, 50m, 30m), pick any two. 36 arrows at each distance, with 6 arrow ends.  We’re flexible, so you can probably pick other distances, too. 


Completing the 720 round and shooting the novelty targets each enter you in the raffle.  Additional raffle tickets can be purchased.


Cost to shoot: $20.00 ($50 maximum for families)


FOOD:  Burgers & Hot Dogs

Various things will be cooked on a grill and available for purchase

The Wheaton Rifle Club is donating their facilities for the event.

Directions to the Wheaton Rifle Club are on the ITAA web site:


And the Wheaton Rifle Club web site