Editable Map of Archery Ranges

Did you know there’s a publicly-editable map of archery places?  You can add the info you know about archery places to the map, so that folks can find out more about archery.  Too often the info is only known to locals and experienced archers.  This is a way for newer archers to learn, and a way for migrating archers to learn about a new location.

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Editable Map of Archery Ranges


I’ve created a publicly-editable map of archery range locations. I’ve given people a head start by putting in many (most?) Colorado archery ranges.

When editing, please make sure to put in the most accurate information possible. I’ve included enough attribute fields that most international archers should be able to enter address information, so if you’re not in the USA, feel free to add locations.

1. Make sure you enter a value in the Type field. Acceptable values are: IndoorOutdoor, or Indoor/OutdoorThis is spelling and case sensitive, so be careful. If you enter this wrong or omit it, your point will be symbolized weird. If you make a mistake, no worries – just edit it.
2. Be a good citizen. Don’t edit/delete something unless you’re certain that the information or location is wrong. If I see abuse, I’ll just disable editing.

Now, for the link:

This is being hosted on ArcGIS.com. You’ll need at least a free account to do any editing, but viewing it requires no account at all.

I’ll be interested to see how many people take advantage of this. Edit away, people!

-Kent W.