2019 ITAA Indoor State Champs Northern Venue 25m Availability

The 2019 ITAA All-Ages Indoor State Championships northern venue is being held again at Kishwaukee Archers in Sycamore.  Every archery venue has its compromises.  Kishwaukee’s compromises for 25m events is that we use a “scheduled rolling line” format.  Pairs of archers are assigned starting times on Sunday in 12-minute offsets, starting at 6:00AM-4:30ish PM. 

When you register through Rcherz.com, you can choose your starting time slot from the available slots.  Each time has two (2) available slots.  When those slots are full, that time will disappear from the registration page drop down menu.  

Below is a way to visually see which of the time slots have availability remaining.  Please use this visual chart along with the registration page as you sign up to find a time slot that works for you, your family, and your team/club.