United Bowmen Round – 2012


The Wheaton Rifle Club

The Illinois Target Archery Association


Archery Tournament

Sunday May 6, 2012


The United Bowmen Round is arguably the oldest standardized target archery round in the English-speaking world…even older than the York Round. Founded in 1828, the United Bowmen of Philadelphia Archery Club established this round in 1833. For the past 80 years, the Bowmen have held an annual “mail in” tournament with the Royal Toxophilite Society in England, and on occasion, the Surrey Bowmen. The round is shot by each club on their own grounds on an agreed upon date, and the scores are exchanged by mail.


The United Bowmen Round consists of 84 arrows (14 ends) at 80 yards shot on what was the old 48-inch diameter 5-color target face scored 9-7-5-3-1 with rebounds counted as 5. No changing of faces or marking of hits. Six arrows are shot, then score and fetch.


The Illinois Target Archery Association has an unofficial invite to become included in this grand event in the future. The day of this year’s United Bowmen Round between these two historic clubs is May 6th, and we will follow suit by holding this tournament at the Wheaton Rifle Club. The status of our participation is still informal, so we will be shooting as “friends”. We will mail in our scores as well. Practice will begin at 9:00 AM and scoring will commence at 10:00 AM.


Join the fun, and learn about the colorful history of this event. There is a lot of pageantry involved. The Wheaton Rifle Club is located at: 27W070 North Ave., West Chicago, Illinois. It is on the north side of North Ave (Rt. 64), four buildings east of County Farm Road. WRC members shoot for free.


To help promote archery at the Wheaton Rifle Club, a $10 entry fee will be charged.


The shooting line can only accommodate only 24 shooters, so please RSVP to Tom Havel in advance at tbhavel@comcast.net if you can participate


Here is an example flyer for this shoot from years past:





United Bowmen Flyer