Quick Note – Web Site Changes (updated)

Welcome to the new web site layout!  This should help make the ITAA site easier to navigate and easier to find information on.  Important articles will stay at the top of the front page, and quick notes like this one will fall into obscurity where they won’t clutter up the view.

The ITAA web site has three main goals:

  1. Promote, register, and show results for tournaments
  2. Provide a reference and resources for people learning about archery, and learning about archery in Illinois.
  3. Build and support the archery community through information, announcements, and celebrations of achievements.

This new site has a much better capability for sharing community-written articles along with the Athlete Spotlight and other interview articles.  The Tip Tuesday series, for instance, is reprinted here with permission.  If you are interested in contributing an article or a series, please get in touch.


The next big thing you can see from the new layout are the event articles for each of the three ITAA tournaments this winter — the JOAD Indoor State Champs, the Indoor State Champs, and the Indoor 50 Meter Spring Fling.  Registration is now open for all of those events.  (EDIT – State Indoor event registration is now fully open for the northern venue – TK)

Registration is now open for all of those events.


As always, I’m interested to hear your feedback and suggestions for how to continue improving the ITAA site.