New ITAA Logo Contest

The ITAA has kept the same logo since 2015, and it’s time to think about refreshing it.

So, calling all creative minds!

Here is the same info as an emailable flyer:
ITAA Logo Design Contest 4.21 Flyer


The Rules:

  • Your design must use the ITAA color Scheme — ITAA Blue, Black, White, & Grey may be used.
  • Designs must be a digital design
  • The contest is open to all ITAA Members and their families
  • Submit all entries no later than April 30, 2021
  • Email all entries to

Entries will be collected, and submitted to the ITAA Board anonymously

The ITAA membership will vote on the TOP 3 designs


The winner receives:

  • One FREE entry to ITAA Outdoor State (JOAD or All-ages)
  • A set of target pins with your winning logo!

Here are some helpful notes :

Most colors in World Archery designs use the official target colors, listed in the WA rule book:

For instance, “ITAA Blue” is the blue on the target: Pantone / PMS 306 U / #00b4e4

The current (2015) logo is available here as a PNG or SVG, in case elements of it are useful for your mockups.