ITAA Member Geography 2020

The board wanted to see where our membership lives across the state.  USAA sent over a list of how many people live in which zip codes, so we used that to build an interactive map:

2020 ITAA Member Region Map

This is a small snapshot.  Clicking on it takes you to a large snapshot of it.

Each club’s members are color-coded here, so you can see the clusters for where each club is.  White dots are members with no primary club listed with USAA.  Each club is in a layer of the map, so you can find and filter entries based on club name.  (The club name for each entry is just the initials of the club name.)


Process and Privacy: I wanted to be careful to protect members’ privacy while building this map.  No names are included anywhere in the map data.  None of the locations originate from addresses, only from zip codes.  Those are plotted into latitude and longitude using some public data estimating the center of a zip code.  Then I also added about a 1 mile random “jiggle” to the lat/long coordinates.  That has the effect of further hiding precise location, but also makes zip codes with multiple members show up as clusters instead of hiding them as a single map point.