ITAA Event Hosting Application

In the past, even hosting bids were a very informal process.  As we grow, this leaves newcomers with a bit of a short shrift.  As part of a move to level the playing field, the ITAA requests that all hosting bids submit a bid application prior to the ITAA meeting at which the new location is voted.  (For outdoor championships,  this is at the previous indoor championship, and vice-versa).  This application form will grow more detailed as the ITAA grows, but we’re not looking to create a bunch of red tape.


If you are bidding to host an event, please submit the following info to the ITAA board at


ITAA Event Bid Application Form:

Club ___ is hereby bidding for event ____
Brag about your location/facility:___
Include some pictures of people enjoying your facility, in case some folks haven’t been there, yet.
Brag about your event staff/volunteers:____
Brag about your experience and past events:_____
Brag about what the participants’ experience will be at this event (door prizes, perks, etc):____
Sign it to make it look officialish:  X____