ITAA Athlete Spotlight – Dana Janiec

Welcome to the ITAA Athlete Spotlight!

Every few months, we will shine the spotlight on a fellow ITAA member.  Whether they have performed well in a competition, supported the organization, or are just really, really good looking, this is a member you should get to know.

Today we’re celebrating Dana Janiec.  Dana is an Indoor US National bronze medalist and all around talented compound archer on the Mission JOAD team!  Find out more about her passion for archery below:

Dana Janiec

ITAA Summer Games - Dana Janiec competing

Dana Janiec Bronze Medal

  1. What’s your favorite style of archery to shoot?

  Compound.   I shoot mainly fixed target but love shooting the CBH FITA Field!


  1. How did you get started in the sport?

My mom and I were watching the Olympics and the Archery competition and I thought it was cool.  Then I saw Brave and my mom bought me a stick and string bow at Bass Pro Shop and I really had fun with it.  Then we went to a local shop and I got to shoot a Genesis and I was hooked!  We found Strictly Archery and I started taking lessons.


  1. What archery accomplishment are you most proud of?

I have several.  First, my National Bronze Medal from Indoor Nationals.  I worked really hard for that one.  Second, Finishing top 5 with a 600 score at NFAA Indoor Nationals.  Third and probably the most fun, becoming a mentor for beginner archers and helping Coach Greg teach them.


  1. What’s your most embarrassing archery moment?

Forgetting to pull my arrows at the Summer Games Celebration and once I forgot to go to the line at Indoor State and was only able to get one arrow off.   Both times EVERYONE knew what happened.  But it’s all part of  learning in archery.


  1. Any advice for your fellow archers?

Always practice with a purpose because bad practices can form bad habits.  Better to put the bow down and try again later.  Always believe in yourself!  Once you start doubting yourself your body will start thinking it can’t do it because your mind thinks it can’t. Finally, don’t get so focused on the score that you can’t have fun!