2022 North Region FITA Field Championship


April 30th-May 1st, 2022



The Chicago Bow Hunters Archery Club is pleased to host the 2022 North Region FITA Field Tournament.


Event Recap and Results:

Congratulations and thank you to all the archers who contributed to a very successful 2022 North Region FITA Field. All though weather threatened shooting on Saturday, conditions turned out to be quite good and the tournament proceeded, uninterrupted.

Through the years, we have selected many different target placements, which we’ve found to be engaging. Challenging archers with different angles, visual intimidation and difficult footing. This year we included many of our favorite targets and found some new and interesting shots. We hope you found the course fun and challenging as well. We will send a brief online survey to see how we can become better and make this event something you’ll want to come back to, year in and year out.

We had shooters come from as far away as Texas and very much appreciate all who traveled to help make the event a success.

We would like to share a couple of photos. Yes, we had some archers standing in water. This young archer forgot her boots! Lucky for her, her dad hustled home to bring proper footwear and she didn’t have to spend the day with wet, cold feet!

And this motley crew, I take it they liked their performance on the 14th target, a 20cm bunny.

This event is run by an all volunteer army. Unpaid conscripts who worked extremely hard to put on the tournament. We would like to thank: Heather Hodge, Andrew Querol, Jim McDonough, Steve Datillo, Eric Flattum, Dennis and Roman Timpanaro and Cris Gilmore. Without these folks, the tournament would not have been possible. From the tournaments inception at Chicago Bow Hunters, Tom Havel has brought his organizational skills and a keen eye for devilish target placements. He is the backbone of the event. We would also like to thank Chicago Bow Hunters and their membership for the use of the club.

Enclosed are the results of the event. We look forward to seeing everyone next year!

2022 North Region FITA Field Results


What is it?

The USA Archery Northern Region is the collection of northern/midwestern states — IA, IL, IN, KS, MI, MN, MO, ND, NE, OH, SD, WI.  This tournament crowns the annual World Archery-format field archery champion for all of them.


Shooting stakes will be set for all bow styles and age divisions that comply with USA Archery and World Archery (née FITA) Field guidelines.  If you are unfamiliar with the FITA Field archery format, here is a quick FAQ on what it is.

It is a two day event. on each day there are 24 different targets. You shoot 3 arrows at each target. So, 72 arrows on day 1 followed by 72 arrows on day 2, for a total of 144 arrows. Your shooting positions will be challenging, uneven, and possibly located in a shallow river.

As with all field archery courses, the course may not be suitable for all para athletes.

Distances are unmarked on the first day.  Distances are marked on the second day.  To be eligible for medals, you must shoot both days.

Compound (Cadet and older): 10M-60M

Recurve (Junior and older): 10M-60M

Barebow (Junior and older): 5M-50M

All younger age divisions:  5M-30M


Registration is now open (link at the bottom of page).

Pre-registration and Tournament Fee:  Pre-registration is required (use the link at the bottom).  The tournament capacity is 96 shooters (4 at each target).

Tournament Fee: The tournament fee is $45 for the two days.  Pay online when you register.

Schedule:  Friday evening.  CBH practice ranges will be open from 5:00-8:00 PM.

Make sure to bring your USAA or NFAA membership card to check-in.

Saturday morning.  Tournament check-in will be from 8:00-9:15 AM.  Practice ranges will be open from 8:00-9:25 AM.  At 9:30 AM, all participants will meet at the CBH clubhouse for last minute instructions.  After this meeting, participants will move onto the course to their first target assignment for a “shot-gun” start.  Scoring will begin at 10:00 AM.

Sunday morning.  Be sure to check in prior to 8:30 AM.  The CBH practice range will be open from 7:00-8:25 AM.  Announcements will be at 8:30 AM.  Scoring will begin at 9:00 AM following a shotgun start.


Location:  Chicago Bow Hunters (Location Notes) is located in a residential neighborhood.  It is at 320 Charlestown Drive, Bolingbrook, Il 60440.  From Boughton Rd, Exit off of I-355, head west four stop lights.  Turn right on Pinecrest and go to one stop sign.  Turn left on Charlestown and go a few blocks.  From the street you will see a gated driveway on the right.

COVID Accommodations:  At the time of writing (March, 2022), the plan is to not have food provided.  If this changes, we will update this note.  We do recommend that you bring your own.  It is a challenging day.

Area Hotels:  There are hotels in the area for seven or eight national chains.  You should have no trouble finding a room online.

Awards:  Medals will be awarded for the first three placements in each division.

Additional Information: Gabe Querol at qflite@prodigy.net

Because of the anticipated size of the tournament, we would like to limit the number of non-shooters on the field.  For each Bowman and Cub archer, only one parent or chaperone is allowed on the course with their group.

World Archery rules disallow multiple sight pins during the unmarked rounds of a field shoot (Saturday’s format). Please remove additional pins before Saturday’s equipment inspection.

FITA Performance Awards:

Similarly to the indoor and outdoor target performance awards for target rounds, well-shot field rounds also qualify you for World Archery Arrowhead Award badges.  So get your scorecard signed before you leave the event, and submit the form here to USA Archery.



Registration will be done through USA Archery and Sport:80 this year.