2021 ITAA Indoor Tournament Registration Walkthrough

Registration Walkthrough:

Some of the steps mentioned above can be tricky to find:


On the Rcherz.com event pages, there is an “info” tab, and within that there is a “Read More” section.  Clicking “READ MORE…” will expand the page to show more details about an event.


Inside this READ MORE section, there are two important links.  One link goes to the USA Archery Nationals registration web site (called Sport80).  Use that if you would like to also register for USAA Nationals.  You don’t have to sign up for nationals in order to compete in the ITAA State events.

The other link goes to the ITAA One-Question Questionnaire that is required for all ITAA participants this year.


On the USA Archery Sport80 web site, the red box labeled ENTER is how you register for the tournament.  You will have to login to the USA Archery web site in order to register.


In the USAA Sport80 listing, click “Members Entries” in order to add yourself or other USAA members (family, for instance) to the event.

On the Members Entries page, Click “ADD NEW ENTRY” in order to add a new person to the tournament.




Select an available member and click ADD to enter them into the tournament.


Continue following the prompts to add this registration to your cart of and checkout in order to pay your registration fees to USA Archery for their tournaments.