2020 (2021) Olympic Archery Schedule

Detailed Olympic Archery Schedule

Online Live Scoring through Ianseo

The 2020 Olympics! (timpani, brass) One year late, but rolling along.  Let’s set the mood with:

1992 Barcelona opening ceremony

The best torch-lighting method ever:


I want to try some archery!

Great, that’s what we’re here for!  Look around for a local club, or email the ITAA if you’d like a suggestion.

Time differences:
Tokyo is 14 hours ahead of Illinois. So a 9am Friday morning start time in Tokyo is Thursday evening at 7pm in Illinois.

Competition descriptions:
There are 64 women and 64 men competing at the Olympics. All of the rounds are at 70 meters on the big 122cm target faces. Archers shoot a 72-arrow 70 meter 720 Round on Friday Jul 23rd. Those scores will be used to seed everything else.

The mixed team competition goes first. There are 31 countries with at least one female and one male archer, so they can enter the mixed team competition. But it’s only top 16 seeds that go into the bracket.

Countries with a full team of 3 archers in one gender can enter the team competition. Those 12 teams (per gender) are already decided, but the seeding scores will still matter. The top 4 seeds get a bye for the first round of team eliminations.

All 64 archers in each gender will enter the individual elimination bracket. That’s why it will take 4 days to hold all of the matches.

Details on the competition format:


Team USA:
At the final opportunity, Team USA qualified a full 6-person team for Tokyo. The women’s team had a one-arrow shootoff along the way that they won by less than 3mm!
US Women’s Team Qualifying
US Men’s Team Qualifying

How can I watch it?

It looks like Comcast/NBC and their streaming services have the Olympics in the US this year.  If you’re outside of the US, other options are likely available.

Videos of most world-level archery are available here on World Archery’s YouTube channel


I want more numbers!
Olympic arrows travel around 150 mph. It takes around 1 second for the arrows to reach the target at 70 meters.  If you stretch out your arm, the whole target is the size of your little fingernail.

I want to compare sizes of targets at various distances:
Tony’s archery distance/size comparison spreadsheet

I want more weird archery stuff to read:
The Nishikawa Seiki bow manufacturer is using generative design to let a computer design a more optimal riser:
(Disclosure note, Tony works for Autodesk. Autodesk occasionally donates to the ITAA.)