WRC – 2018 Midwest Barebow / Traditional Target Championship – Sept. 22nd

Archery 2018 Midwest Barebow Final results

The Wheaton Rifle Club will hold the First Annual Midwest Barebow/Traditional Target Championship on
Saturday, September 22, 2018. Open practice/check-in is at 8:00 AM, and the scoring starts at 9:00 AM.

The competition will comprise each of a variety of scoring formats:

Part I: – International Round

30 Arrows, this will be a modified “International Round”. Using various sized World Archery 10-ring targets, shooters will rotate through ten targets from 5 to 50 yards. (Younger shooters, 5-25 yards twice). 300 possible points.

Part II:  World Archery 360 Round

36 Arrows, this will follow USA Archery Rules using pin shoot guidelines (pins can be earned). 50M, 30M, or 25M depending on your age. 360 possible points.

Part III: Paper Animal Target round

12 Arrows using NFAA paper animal targets. Unmarked distances ranging from 2 to 30 yards.
60 possible points.

These first three parts total 720 points, and awards will be based on these scores.


Part IV: Hit-or-Miss Elimination Round

“Hit or Miss” Elimination Round. All shots are at 25M. Using various sized WAA targets, the target will gradually reduce in size each end, starting with the large 122cm and scaling down to 20cm.

Everyone starts with six arrows in their quiver. If you have a miss, that arrow is withdrawn from competition and you shoot with fewer arrows. As long as you have one arrow in your quiver you are still in the game. There will be separate awards for this final competition.


The Wheaton Rifle Club is located at 27W040 North Avenue, West Chicago, Il 60185. It is on the north side of North Avenue, five buildings east of the intersection of County Farm Road and North Avenue.

There is a $20 shooting fee.

Please pre-register in advance by sending an email to Tom Havel at tbhavel@comcast.net