2015 ITAA Outdoor State Championship




August 8 & 9, 2015


Official Results are here

The Illinois Target Archery Association will hold its Outdoor State Championship on August 8th and 9th.  The tournament will be held on the grounds of Mooseheart Child City and School in Mooseheart, Illinois (near Batavia).  We are indebted to Chicagoland JOAD for hosting this year’s tournament.  It will be a 900 Metric Round.  Please take note of the shooting days and times below.  The USA Archery dress code for tournaments will be enforced.  Equipment inspection will take place ahead of time.  USA Archery age/gender/bow style categories will be in place for awards.  Membership in USA Archery or NFAA is required.


900 Round Format:

The 900 Round format is 90 arrows at a standard 4-color World Archery target.  As with all outdoor World Archery tournaments, compounds use the big ten ring.

For all Masters, all Seniors, all Juniors, and Cadet Compound, the shoot will consist of a total of 90 arrows (6 arrows per end):  30 at 60M, 30 at 50M, and 30 at 40M.

For all Cubs and Cadet Recurve, the shoot will consist of a total 90 arrows (6 arrows per end):  30 at 40M, 30 at 30M, and 30 at 20M.

For all Bowman, the shoot will consist of a total of 90 arrows (6 arrow s per end):  30 at 30M, 30 at 25M, and 30 at 20M.


For Shooters unfamiliar with the USA Archery style of target tournaments, here is a primer on What to Expect at one of our tournaments.


  • Standard for equipment inspection must be completed before you can shoot.  Plan to arrive at least 1 hour before your start time for equipment inspection.
  • Arrow size must be 23/64 inches or smaller in diameter.
  • Compound bows have a draw weight limit of 60lbs.
  • The USA Archery dress code will be enforced.
  • Other standard USA Archery tournament rules will apply.

Shooting Times:

Each day, check-in and equipment inspection will begin at 7:30 AM and must be completed by 8:45 AM.  Beginning at 9:00 AM, there will be two practice ends at the longest distance with scoring to follow immediately.  There will be no practice ends at the shorter distances.

On Saturday, August 8th, Cadet Recurve, all Cub, and all Bowman will shoot. (Note: Cadet Recurve is on Saturday)

On Sunday, August 9th, all Master, all Senior, All Junior, and Cadet Compound will shoot.  (Note, Cadet Compound is on Sunday)

Each shooting session is limited to the facility’s capacity of 64 shooters.

Additional shooting times will be added in the afternoon of each day in the event that the shooting line reaches capacity.



Awards will be presented to the top three places in each USA Archery category.  Out-of-state archers will be eligible for awards.  The ITAA maintains its tradition of awarding state champion awards while also recognizing excellent performances by out-of-state competitors.

Out-of-state competitors are awarded medals for finishing in the top three places among all competition in their class and division.  Additionally, Illinois competitors are awarded medals for the top three places among Illinois competitors in their class and division, duplicating medals where necessary.


There is a $25 shooting fee that will be collected on-site.



Pre-registration is required by filling out the form online below.



The entrance to Mooseheart Child City and School’s 1000 acre and campus and community is located on Route 31.  It is approximately a mile and a half north of Butterfield Road (Rt. 56) or a mile and a half south of downtown Batavia.

Chicagoland JOAD has more detailed directions here


Here is a PDF map of Mooseheart Child City and School, with the Field used for archery marked in the northeast corner. (Note: this map has North aimed to the right, not up)


Additional Notes:

In the past, this venue has had outhouses and plenty of grass parking. There are shady areas, but we recommend bringing the normal assortment of chairs and pop-up shades.

As with all outdoor youth tournaments, we always appreciate help hunting for missed arrows.  Anyone sporting enough to bring additional metal detectors or sharp eyeballs will probably be called into action at some point on Saturday.

Because the distances will be long, binoculars and spotting scopes will help spectators see the target results better.


Time Estimates:

Archery is a slow competition.  Although it can feel like time is racing by for the competitor, it is harder for the audience to feel engaged.  It is difficult to accurately predict how long events will take, but this event is estimated to take 4-6 hours.  (My general rule is to allow one minute per arrow shot, and then double or triple it depending on the ages of the shooters and the distances shot).  Delays are usually caused by a combination of lost arrows and enjoyable chatter among participants between competition ends.

Please schedule that much time in your plans for the competition weekend.


The State Outdoor Championship will be requiring one of the membership options for participation.  This means either having an full or temporary USA Archery membership, or a full NFAA membership.  Temporary memberships can be arranged on-site during check-in.  Please be prepared to show your physical membership card at check-in.  Entering your number on the registration form below is our way of preparing you.

All shooters will be eligible for medals regardless of registry method.  Shooters submitting claims for national record scores are required to carry USA Archery membership.

USA Archery Age Categories:

If you were born in 2003 or more recently, you are a Bowman
If you were born in 2001 or 2002, you are a Cub
If you were born in 1998, 1999 or 2000, you are a Cadet
If you were born in 1995, 1996, or 1997, you are a Junior
If you were born between 1966 and 1994, you are a Senior
If you were born between 1956 and 1965, you are a Master 50+
If you were born between 1946 and 1955, you are a Master 60+
If you were born between 1936 and 1945, you are a Master 70+



Please include a ZIP code in your address.  That helps us keep track of in-state and out-of-state residency. (Otherwise your ‘State’ will show up as Unknown, and I’ll look through previous registrations to try to find your correct state)


Registration is now closed.