2013 United Bowman Round


The Wheaton Rifle Club and The Illinois Target Archery Association

Presents An

Archery Tournament

Sunday, May 5, 2013


The United Bowmen Round is arguably the oldest standardized target archery round in the English-speaking world…even older than the York Round.  Founded in 1828, the United Bowmen of Philadelphia Archery Club established this round in 1833.  For years, the Bowmen held an annual “mail in” tournament with the Royal Toxophilite Society in England.  The round was shot by each club on their own grounds and the scores were exchanged by mail.  In 2012, the round was expanded.  This innaugural international pilot tournament involved teams from four continents.


The United Bowmen Round consists of 84 arrows (14 ends) at 80 yards shot on what was the old 48-inch diameter 5-color target face scored 9-7-5-3-1 with rebounds counted as 5.  No changing of faces or marking hits.  Six arrows are shot, then score and fetch.


The Illinois Target Archery Association will again participate and mail in our scores.  Practice will begin at 9:00 AM and scoring will commence at 10:00 AM.  An afternoon session will be added if necessary.


You can learn about the colorful history of this event at www.unitedbowmenteamshoot.com

Besides turning in our scores for the international event, there will also be a local flavor added with competition between area clubs.  A summary follows.


The Wheaton Rifle Club is located at:  27W070 North Ave., West Chicago, Illinois.  It is on the north side of North Ave (Rt. 64), four buildings east of County Farm Road.  To help promote archery at the Wheaton Rifle Club, a $10 entry fee will be charged.


The shooting line can accommodate only 24 archers, so please RSVP to Tom Havel in advance at tbhavel@comcast.net if you can participate.




ITAA TEAM:        The top four scoring archers in each bow style.  These scores will be submitted by mail and represent the ITAA in the international postal match.  To keep things simple, there will be three bow style categories recognized:   1) Compound  2)  Recurve  3)  Longbow/Barebow (shooting with fingers, without the aid of a sight, regardless of the type of stick or wheels).



HIGH BOW AWARDS:  There will be three “travelling trophies” presented to the individual who scores the highest in their category.


HIGH ALLOWANCE AWARDS:  There will be three “travelling trophies” presented to the individual in their category who scores the highest above the average of their three most recent Bowmen Round scores.


HIGH CLUB TEAM:  There will be three “travelling trophies” presented to clubs that score the highest in their category.  The club team will be represented by the three highest scores in each category.  A team must be represented by a minimum of three club members shooting the same bow style.


ITAA PRESIDENT’S AWARD:  There will be one “travelling charger” awarded at the discretion of the current ITAA President.  It can be awarded for any reason.  Examples might be:  1) A Robin Hood 2) A team wearing all white 3) Someone tells a great joke 4) Service.  An anecdotal record will be made of this award and kept with the scores of each year’s tournament.