2013 Indoor State Championship – Multi-Venue

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Results are in!

After 113 archers competed in 199 competitive slots, we’ve tallied up the results, and here they are.  Medals were handed out in Kishwaukee for those who could attend.  The remaining medals are winging their way to their winners, and should be arriving soon.

18m Results

25m Results

Aggregate Championship Final Results


And Photos!


UPDATE: Saturday at Sycamore is now “FULL”, and we’re adding a 7pm Friday night session for additional shooters.


The 2013 ITAA Indoor State Championship will have an upstate and a downstate location. This represents a significant improvement for convenience for our downstate membership.


Each location will hold an 18m 600 shoot on Saturday, and a 25m 600 shoot on Sunday, with awards for the winner of each. There is an award for the aggregate winner as well. You can participate in any or all events. The tournament fee for each event is $20.


The downstate location is Town Hall Archery in Belleville, held on Feb 9th and 10th.
The upstate location is Kishwaukee Archers in Sycamore, held on Feb 16th and 17th.

For Saturday at both locations, there will be a 9:00 AM morning line and a 1:00 PM afternoon line.

For Sunday at both locations, there will be an open shooting line from 8:00 AM to Noon.


Each day is a 600 ROUND.  18M, all competitors shoot on a 40 cm FITA target face.  25M, all competitors shoot on a 60 cm FITA target face.  Compound uses the inner 10 ring both distances.


Explanations of the Age Divisions and Equipment Classes are available here.


Here is the tournament flyer with full information:
2013 ITAA Indoor FLYER


Wondering what to expect when you get to the tournament, here’s some helpful information for your preparation:ITAA Tournament Primer


Kishwaukee Archers in Sycamore can hold 18 shooters per line on Saturday (36 for each time slot).


Saturday at Sycamore is now “FULL”, and we’re adding a 7pm Friday night session for additional shooters. Anyone signing up for Saturday at Sycamore from now on will be moved to Friday evening.


Name Class Division Location Saturday Time Slot Sunday Combined
0 Registrants in the Saturday session in Belleville.
0 Registrants for the Combined event in Belleville.

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