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State Record High Scores

Is one of your performances an Illinois State Record?  The online spreadsheet of every score we have is up to around 7,500 scores now.  Take a look through it here to see how archers have done at our events across time.

You can now use the filters below to explore the record score data. Clicking the links will also filter the data to that choice. Even individual names! Let me know if you see data that needs updating. These values are all pulled out of the Google Sheets data.

Some bookkeeping notes about the scores and polices are at the tail of this post.


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Score data was last updated on: 2/22/2024



What does the “Scores flow between age divisions” mean?

  • Where distances and target sizes match, age divisions only exist protect archers in less competitive ages from the scores of the archers in the most competitive age divisions.  Not the reverse.
  • Senior is the top competitive age division.  Any score in a division older or younger than Senior can still “flow upward” be the record in the Senior division.
  • Similarly, scores in younger divisions can flow upward through each division (U13 flows to U15, to U18, to U21, etc).  Scores older divisions can flow upward through each (ostensibly more competitive) division ( 70+ can flow upward into 60+, into 50+).
  • While Collegiate scores can flow upwards into Senior, none of the youth division scores can flow into Collegiate.
  • Some age divisions use different distances (outdoors) and/or different target faces (U13/U15 indoors in JOAD tournaments).  These scores never flow across the distance/size differences.
  • USA Archery national records operate this way.  ITAA state records do as well (As of Feb 22, 2024).

What happened to the JOAD 600 Round?

  • The JOAD 600 Round is only different from the 18m 600 Round for the Olympic Recurve and Barebow U13 and U15 divisions because those categories use a 60cm target.  (These are listed as “JOAD 600 Round – 60cm”).  Other scores are equivalent to and are combined with the 18m 600 Round scores.

What does CSV mean?

  • The CSV button will export the currently-displayed results as a CSV file for easier use as a data source for your own projects.  This lets someone else use the official sorting and record history here as part of their own web site display.  (e.g. Your club’s website could display your members’ current records.)
  • Filter the results however you want, then click the button to download (or add csv=CSV to the query string in the URL).


  • USAA National events held in Illinois hosted by the ITAA are eligible for ITAA state records.  While USAA divides scores according to nationality, the ITAA divides scores by Illinois residency only.

State Records can only be obtained from scores shot in the following events:

  • USA Archery Nationals events held in Illinois
  • ITAA Indoor JOAD State Championships
  • ITAA Indoor State Championships
  • ITAA Collegiate State Championships
  • ITAA Outdoor JOAD State Championships
  • ITAA Outdoor State Championships
  • ITAA United Bowman Round
  • Certain 1440 Round events (Chicago Cup, LPAC FITA, NSAC 1440, etc)
  • Certain other ITAA-hosted events (Regional Championship / Duel in the Cornfield)

The ITAA records scores shot in our events by out of state guests, and they are recognized here as guest records.  In those cases, the Illinois record is also recorded here.


USA Archery national records