ITAA State Records

State Record High Scores

Is one of your performances an Illinois State Record?  The online spreadsheet of every score we have is up to around 4,200 scores now.  Take a look through it here to see how archers have done at our events across time.

You can now use the filters below to explore the record score data. Clicking the links will also filter the data to that choice. Even individual names! Let me know if you see data that needs updating. These values are all pulled out of the Google Sheets data.

Some bookkeeping notes about the scores and polices are at the tail of this post.


25m 600 Round - Compound - Cadet - Male  
#1 Christopher Renaud: 561     ITAA State Indoor    Feb, 2016     Illinois Record
#2 Nicholas Eckert: 557     ITAA State Indoor    Feb, 2017
#3 Kobe Sisk: 555   21-10s, 34-9s     ITAA State Indoor    Feb, 2019
#4 Ayden Visser: 555   18-10s, 39-9s     ITAA State Indoor    Feb, 2018
#5 Matthew Berkshire: 555     ITAA State Indoor    Feb, 2016
#6 Steven Collins: 552     ITAA State Indoor    Feb, 2013     Previous Record Until Feb, 2016
#7 Ryan Mann: 551     ITAA State Indoor    Feb, 2015
#8 Scott Kress*: 550     ITAA State Indoor    Feb, 2016
#9 Caleb Reuter: 546     ITAA State Indoor    Feb, 2014
#10 Aaron Fishburn: 541     ITAA State Indoor    Feb, 2016
#11 Isaac Adams: 532     ITAA State Indoor    Feb, 2017
#12 Christopher Renaud: 529     ITAA State Indoor    Feb, 2014
#13 Cole Bralich: 514     ITAA State Indoor    Feb, 2019
#14 Dawson Kostenski: 511     ITAA State Indoor    Feb, 2018
#15 Joseph Galon: 509     ITAA State Indoor    Feb, 2018
#16 Isaac Adams: 506     ITAA State Indoor    Feb, 2016
#17 Adam Chaparro: 505     ITAA State Indoor    Feb, 2017
#18 Jake Kassel: 502     ITAA State Indoor    Feb, 2018
#19 Mason Graham: 501     ITAA State Indoor    Feb, 2017
#20 Mason Graham: 499     ITAA State Indoor    Feb, 2018
#21 Mason Graham: 466     ITAA State Indoor    Feb, 2016
#22 Nick Eckert: 460     ITAA State Indoor    Feb, 2016
#23 Devon Becker*: 456     ITAA State Indoor    Feb, 2017

23 scores displayed in 1 categories.

* denotes an out-of-state shooter


Known issues:

  • The JOAD 600 Round is different from the 18m 600 Round.  It definitely matters for the Bowman and Cub non-compounds due to the size of the target, but the other scores should be equivalent.  I’m not entirely sure whether to keep them separate or combine them.


State Records can only be obtained from scores shot in the following events:

  • ITAA Indoor JOAD State Championships
  • ITAA Indoor State Championships
  • ITAA Collegiate State Championships
  • ITAA Outdoor JOAD State Championships
  • ITAA Outdoor State Championships
  • ITAA United Bowman Round
  • Certain 1440 Round events (Chicago Cup, LPAC FITA, etc)
  • Certain other ITAA-hosted events (Regional Championship / Duel in the Cornfield)

The ITAA records scores shot in our events by out of state guests, and they are recognized here as guest records.  In those cases, the Illinois record is also recorded here.